DigiMat Pro

Digital Math represents digitalization of mathematics, society, industry and society in the form of automated and easily understandable computation of mathematical models in the Open Source FEniCS framework with world-leading performance and recognized at the highest level of science and industry together with an effective pedagogical concept with combined abstract theory and mathematical interactive programming in a cloud-HPC web-interface.

With our computational framework you can predict and understand the grand challenges of science and technology.

Try Digital Math fluid simulation in your browser with Jupyter/Colab!

In this course you will:

  • Understand how Digital Math underlies science and industry, and allows prediction of the mathematical models governing reality.
  • Learn the Finite Element Method in an easy to understand setting without differential equations
  • Learn how to optimally apply the finite element discretization with adaptivity for fast and cheap computation.

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Start with Basic and Mid if you feel you need to prepare for Pro, or jump back and forth between Basic, Mid and Pro!
DigiMat Basic
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